MS Facts

Keeping track of your multiple sclerosis

Keeping track of your multiple sclerosis

Working out how to best keep track of your MS, and how to best fit it into your life, can be a big part of ensuring you get to spend more time being you. Explore below and get advice on how to keep track of your MS and start looking to how you can take time back for you.

Boosting your brain health

It’s important you look after your brain health as much as you do your physical health.

Monitoring physical MS symptoms

Get advice on how to monitor the physical symptoms that can develop in MS.

Setting goals

Goal setting can help you to strive for more from your life with MS.

Keeping track of MS

Sometimes those closest can notice changes you might not. Here are some tips to help them help you

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Day-to-day life with MS

There are steps you can take to help limit the impact that MS has on your daily life.

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