The Science of MS

The Science of MS

This section is perfect if you’re keen to understand more about multiple sclerosis (MS), as we delve deeper into the science of MS and take a more detailed look at how MS affects the brain. Here we also provide you with a background to the MS research and treatment approval process. Explore the content below.

Introducing brain atrophy.

Understand why the brain loses tissue in MS and how it can be managed.

The impact of brain atrophy.

Brain atrophy is associated with a range of different problems in MS, including physical disability.

How RRMS progresses

Although each case of MS can be quite unique, there are some key stages that you may pass through.

Boosting brain health.

Tips for keeping your brain healthy and active.

How to read a scientific article.

Discover the ins and outs of scientific papers and learn about new developments in MS.

What is smouldering MS?

Learn about the role of smouldering lesions on disease progression in multiple sclerosis (MS) and explore the steps that you can take that may help to reduce the impact of these lesions on your life with MS.

How does the ever-changing science resonate in the MS community?

The science around MS is constantly evolving, so we gathered a variety of opinions from people within the MS space on their thoughts on how this is resonating within the community.