The Science of MS

How does the ever-changing science resonate in the MS community?

The science around MS is constantly evolving, so we wanted to get a variety of opinions from people within the MS space on their thoughts on how this is resonating within the community.

We recorded an interview with four key opinion leaders, initially aired at the EMSP conference in spring 2022.  EMSP – the European MS Patient Platform - is the pan-European patient advocacy umbrella group that provides support and training to country-level patient advocacy groups, leads EU-wide awareness and engagement programs, and advocates on behalf of people living with MS in Europe.

We spoke with Birgit Bauer and Joao Medeiros, two of MS One to One’s advisors, Sam Billington, who is one of the leaders of, and Janneke Van Wingerden, global medical director for MS at Sanofi.

Take a look at the interview below to see what they had to say…

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