MS Facts

How does MS change over time?

How does MS manage over time

The majority of people with MS will initially be diagnosed with a form called ‘relapsing remitting MS’ (RRMS). But what does this mean and how does it affect long term prognosis in MS? Explore the content below to understand how RRMS compares to other forms of the disease, how RRMS might progress and possible treatment strategies.

How relapsing remitting (RRMS) progresses

Although each case of MS can be quite unique, there are some key stages that people often pass through.

Is MS active all the time?

Some people find MS symptoms can come and go, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the MS isn’t active.

Understanding treatment options

There is a broad range of treatments available for people with MS. 
Explore MS treatment options here.

When to start an MS treatment

Understanding when to start your MS treatment can help prevent permanent damage.

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