MS Facts

Understanding MS

Understanding MS

When you are first diagnosed with MS, trying to understand the disease can seem like a daunting task. MS is a disease that often develops differently in each individual, making each persons case appear quite unique. However, with ongoing research we are learning more about the condition, how it affects the body and how it develops. Explore content below to learn about some of the key things to be aware of when trying to understand MS.

Introduction to MS

So, what is multiple sclerosis, who can develop it and how is it caused?

Types of MS

There are distinct ‘types’ of MS, with each type having a different impact on disease progression.

Relapses and remission

Some people with MS have periods where symptoms get worse, and periods where symptoms are less severe.

MS symptoms overview

Explore the MS symptoms that can develop across the human body.

Understanding treatment options

There is a broad range of treatments available for people with MS.

Your first conversation with your neurologist

Effective discussions with your neurologist can help to create a treatment plan that is right for you.

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Understanding side effects and symptoms

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Learn about the differences between side effects and symptoms and how to identify them.