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In 2019, the MS Heroes Challenge invited you, the MS community, to push for more and to demand more from your life with MS. We encouraged you to set yourself a challenge, one that you could achieve over a 6-month period, and we saw an incredible response from our entire community.        

We received over 60 submissions. We saw everything from working more, to working less. To getting out the house and becoming more active. And little needs to be said for the amount of effort everyone showed over the past 6 months, because the big things you all achieved speak for themselves.      

Out of all of the submissions, we gave our steering committee the difficult task to select three challenges that inspired them the most. People who went above and beyond challenging themselves, and in turn, inspired the wider community members to demand more going forward. Once our steering committee went through all of the MS Hero Challenge applicants, they narrowed down a selection of short-listers.

We then asked our community members to vote for a challenge that made them more determined to achieve their own goals and step out of their comfort zone. The majority of votes went to our winner, Begonya, who pushed the boundaries of her Multiple Sclerosis to the max! Singing a song, that she wrote, in public…outside of her native language! The courage she showed was truly inspirational and we believe she represented the collective spirit of the MS One to One community perfectly.    

Begonya’s main aim was to inspire and encourage others with MS to reach their goals. We invite you all to demand more from your lives, not settle for less. The journey is definitely worth it. Take a look at Begonya’s highlight video below!

2020 is the year you should demand more from your MS. We want you to feel empowered and activated when it comes to your life with MS! 

Find out more about how to set your own goals with our Setting goals in MS article. Or why not take a step outside your comfort zone and take part in our Truth or Dare activity.

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