Understanding the MS diagnosis process

Joao Medeiros talks us through his own MS diagnosis story and gives his advice on how understanding the MS diagnosis process can help on your journey with MS.

My own revolution – or how to find your self-confidence

Birgit Bauer tells us the story of the revolution she had from living with MS and gives her advice on finding your self-confidence.

How to advocate for yourself during appointments

Jacobo Santamarta Barral shares his advice on how to advocate for yourself during MS appointments with your MS nurse or neurologist.

Taking your first steps into adulthood with MS

Learn about taking the next steps into adulthood with MS. Finding the right path for you whilst navigating a new world of chronic illness.

Demanding more from your MS care

Learn how to demand more, with practical tips to help you advocate for yourself and your MS care.

MS and hormones

Learn how hormone imbalances and hormone fluctuations during the menstrual cycle or menopause might impact your MS over time.

Ageing with MS

Explore the changes that you can experience when ageing with MS and start integrating healthy habits into your lifestyle to help you build a brighter future with MS.

Patient Focused Priorities: Joao’s perspective

Joao reveals his goals and priorities living with multiple sclerosis and what they mean for him moving forwards on his MS journey

MS, self-reflection and compromise

Barbara Stensland talks self-care, reflection and limiting the compromises that MS has on her everyday life.

Staying well under the ‘new normal’ with MS

Explore the widespread impact of COVID-19 throughout the MS community and learn how to take care of your physical and mental health in this ‘new...

Looking to the future

After an MS diagnosis the future can look uncertain. Your previous life plans may look like they are no longer achievable. Our wonderful advisors...

How to stay calm and carry on during the coronavirus crisis when you have MS

The last few weeks have been really exhausting for me. As the coronavirus crisis spread, I said, “Ok I am prepared. My job is mostly digital, I have a...