Personal development

Learning about your MS

MS community members Jacobo and Barbara highlight the importance of using trusted websites for information after an MS diagnosis.

How to advocate for yourself during appointments

Jacobo Santamarta Barral shares his advice on how to advocate for yourself during MS appointments with your MS nurse or neurologist.

MS, self-reflection and compromise

Barbara Stensland talks self-care, reflection and limiting the compromises that MS has on her everyday life.

Looking to the future

After an MS diagnosis the future can look uncertain. Your previous life plans may look like they are no longer achievable. Our wonderful advisors...

I make my own decisions

Get inspired by Birgit’s determination to make decisions for yourself throughout your life with MS.

MS and Sport: My journey from diagnosis to becoming a Paralympic rower

Johan van Etten shows how you can continue to strive for and achieve your goals following your MS diagnosis.

Living positively with MS

Trishna Bharadia reveals how she turned her MS diagnosis into something positive and unlocked a life full of opportunity in the process.

The importance of self-care

Self-care is important. Especially when you are dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. Our wonderful advisor Birgit dives deeper into the importance of self...

Building confidence with MS

Read Barbara’s advice for building your confidence while living with multiple sclerosis.