How to advocate for yourself during appointments

How to advocate for yourself during appointments

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There is something every patient of multiple sclerosis needs to be aware of - the MS diagnosis does not stop you from doing anything - you are just going to need to do things differently.

What is truly important is making yourself be listened to by others, and most importantly by the neurologist managing your case. You must understand that you are both part of a team.  Even though he/she has great experience, the medical knowledge to check the results of your tests and knows how to advise you on what is best for you, do not forget that you are the one in your body, knowing whether something is good for you or not.

My advice would be to prepare in advance for every appointment. Think it through, writing down everything, and let your voice be heard; ask everything you have in your mind. Build a good and strong relationship with the neurologist managing your case. He/she is your friend, and you will be seeing them for the rest of your life, so the stronger the better.

You need to learn to put yourself forward, taking into account that what is at stake is your own health. Make those decisions that you know help make you feel better, even if they sound a bit selfish. It may sound obvious but pay attention to yourself first.

It may seem difficult and scary, but an MS diagnosis well managed will not be like that. Finally, do not forget your friends and family are there for you and you are going to find plenty of support from others too.

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