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Genzyme Europe B.V. finds it important that you can use this website optimally. That is why we adjust the content of the website to your personal preferences. For this we use cookies and similar techniques (hereinafter abbreviated as "cookies")

1.    Introduction

In this cookie statement we explain what cookies are, which cookies we use and how you can accept or refuse cookies.

Genzyme Europe B.V. is responsible for ensuring that it processes personal data in accordance with data protection and electronic communications laws

2.    What are cookies?

By cookies we mean every technique that is used to place data on a computer, telephone or tablet or to read from it. The most familiar cookies are small (text) files that a web page server saves when you visit a web page in your browser and can recognize it later. Other types of cookies are javascripts, web beacons (tags) or device fingerprinting.

The cookie allows the website to “remember” your actions or preference for a certain period of time. Most browsers allow cookies. However, users can set their browsers to refuse or remove them, if they wish.

To find out more about cookies visit

3.    What types of cookies do we use?

Based on the party that places the cookies, a distinction can be made between:

  • First party cookies are cookies that are placed and managed by Sanofi.
  • Third party cookies are cookies that are placed or managed by a third party. When placing third party cookies, data is shared with the third party.

A website may contain links to promote or share information through third party social media networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, or to provide video content through a third party service provider. These links work by means of a code made available by this third party. This code allows for more cookie placement. We call these types of cookies third-party cookies. We need your permission to use these types of cookies.
We also recommend that you read this third party's privacy statement and cookie statement before sharing data

The aforementioned third parties may collect the cookies with cookies. We have no influence on that. Headquarters and other locations in the United States may be used outside the European Economic Area. It could also be that they use cookies to transfer their collected data to such foreign locations, for example because their servers are located outside the EEA

Based on the duration of cookies, a distinction can be made between:

  • Temporary cookies are temporarily stored in your browser. These cookies are deleted as soon as the browser closes.
  • Persistent cookies remain on your mobile device computer even if the application's browser is closed. These cookies remain on your device until the predetermined end date is reached, a new cookie is installed or you delete the cookie from your device

Cookies can be divided into different categories:

  • Strictly necessary cookies are technically necessary for the proper functioning of a website. These cookies are always placed because they are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the website. No permission is required to place these cookies. These cookies cannot be refused.
  • Analytical cookies are used to analyze the use and users of a website. We use analytical cookies to improve the design, structure, functionality and / or user experience of a website. Sanofi usually uses Google Analytics for this purpose. The information obtained with these cookies is transferred to and stored by Google. For this reason, we have entered into a data processing agreement with Google. In the settings of our Google Analytics account, we have indicated that Google may not access the full IP address of your computer (which means that the last eight digits of this IP address will not be known to Google). We have also indicated that Google may not use the information collected with their cookies on our site for their own purposes. We do not use other Google services in combination with cookies from Google Analytics. Due to the privacy-friendly settings we use, we do not need your permission to use these cookies. Nevertheless, you can opt out of Google Analytics cookies by installing a Google plugin. These cookies are placed based on your consent.
  • Personalization cookies are cookies that ensure that the content offered to you falls within your area of interest. These cookies are placed based on your consent

4.    Cookies we use

Below you can see the cookies that we use on


Targeting Cookies

Cookie Subgroup


Cookies used



3rd Party

0 days, 180 days, Session

IDE, test_cookie

3rd Party

390 days, 0 days


Strictly Necessary Cookies

Cookie Subgroup


Cookies used



1st Party

365 days, 365 days

OptanonConsent, OptanonAlertBoxClosed

3rd Party

365 days, 365 days


Performance Cookies

Cookie Subgroup


Cookies used



1st Party

0 days, 730 days, 1 days, 0 days



5.    Why does Sanofi use cookies?

In the first place, we use cookies to offer you a well-functioning website.
We can also use cookies to map your behavior on the website. In this way we can improve the website for all visitors to the website and better tailor it to your interests.
Finally, we also use cookies to improve your user experience. For example, a cookie can ensure that you no longer have to enter the same data

6.    What to do if you don’t want to allow the use of cookies on your browser

If you do not want websites to place cookies on your computer, tablet or phone, you can adjust your browser settings so that you receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can also adjust the settings so that your browser refuses all cookies or only cookies from third parties. You can also delete cookies that have already been placed. Note that you must adjust the settings separately for each browser and computer, tablet or phone you use. How you can adjust your settings differs per browser. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser, or visit

Be aware that if you do not want cookies to be used on our website, we cannot guarantee that our website will work properly. It is possible that some functions of the site are lost or even that you cannot see certain websites at all. 

7.    How can you manage the use of cookies?

When you first visit this Site you can accept or refuse all or certain cookies.
You can then adjust your choice by clicking on 'Cookie Settings' in the footer menu.

8. What about your privacy?

If Genzyme Europe B.V. collects personal data via cookies, this will always be done in accordance with the Privacy Statement.
In our privacy statement you can find which personal data (as defined below) is processed by using the website, how this data is collected, what the legal basis for processing is, to whom this data has been or can be disclosed. You can also find information on how to exercise your rights or what to do if you have questions about the processing of your personal data.

9.    Who can you contact for questions or complaints?

If you have any questions after reading our cookie statement, we recommend that you contact our local Data Protection Officer.

Genzyme Europe B.V.
Paasheuvelweg 25
1105 BP Amsterdam
+31 (0) 20 245 4000

You also have the right to complain to your local data protection authority if you believe Sanofi has processed your personal data unlawfully. For the Netherlands, see 

10. Updates to this cookie statement

When we update this cookie statement, we will post the updated version on the website. You can always find the latest version under the title "Cookie Statement" at the bottom of the page.
If we make changes that affect the way personal data is processed, we will give you an opportunity to agree to such changes 

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